Meet Him in the Secret Place

We often run into the “secret place” to be alone with the Lord, desperate to receive an answer or solution to a troubling problem, only to find our hearts and minds so clouded with concern that we miss the answer standing right in front of us. Jesus highlights the importance of making our sole intention meeting Him in ‘the secret place’.

Our chief desire should be to seek, find and encounter Him. He says we are to come to Him, because when we focus on His Presence, He gives us soul peace and rest, to be able to hear His comfort and instruction clearly.

He is the Good Shepherd Who leads us to quiet waters and green pastures. When running to our secret place to find and encounter Him above all other things, He promises we will find Him, and He’ll reward us with what only He can give! Every answer to every need is found in Him. Spend time with Jesus in the secret place, seeking only Him, and see how things begin to change – because we have made Him the object of our affection.