A Carrier of Your Encounter

This encounter Moses had with the Living God changed his life forever. The Moses who returned to deliver Egypt was not the Moses who had previously fled Egypt in fear. He met with God and became a carrier of that divine encounter!

Today, know that you were created for a purpose. It doesn’t matter how you got here, all that really matters is that you’re here now. You were created to personally encounter the Living God, have Him so impact your life, that you carry what He has placed on you to change the world around you. You are destined to carry the One you encounter because He is the Divine solution to every problem the world has right now. So, take a good look at yourself today, through the eyes of the Word. See that the One who is the Divine solution, dwells in you!

Impact doesn’t flow by accident. It flows as a result of an encounter with the Lord. He desires to encounter you in a wonderful and powerful way, but He waits on you to get hungry to seek Him! It’s when we seek Him with all our hearts that He promises to manifest Himself to us. As you encounter Him, know He makes you whole, empowers, and deploys you into your destiny! God will not disappoint you, cry out to Him today for a fresh encounter and begin to carry Him to a world that desperately needs to know Him too.