God established a covenant with His people. It was a sworn commitment from God to make them His own possession, and treasure them above all people. Can you just imagine being set apart and treasured by God like this? He wanted the whole earth to know how much He cared for, provided for, and protected His Own. Did you know that the finished work of the cross caused us to enter into a new and even better covenant with God?

This covenant we have has the same benefits of the old – and far greater ones in the new. And we get to enjoy each one by yielding to His grace, and responding in faith. The heart of this new covenant is so extremely generous, it’s outrageous! Instead of God’s people only being able to experience Him from afar, lest they die from being exposed to His glory; God made a way for His Presence to come live inside us.

We can individually experience His tangible peace and extravagant love by just turning our attention to Him. We have the privilege of hearing His voice speaking into our hearts. We even obey Him by the power of His Spirit that works within us. We dare you to take full advantage of your new covenant with God today!