A Life Marked by Favour

As children of God, the cry of our hearts is to be in His perfect will for our lives. That’s because when we are in His will, our lives are significantly marked by His protection, provision, and blessing. His favour rests upon us, regardless of our circumstances and surroundings – and whatever He has us do, prospers. We see this displayed time and again throughout the Old and New Testaments.

In spite of betrayals and abandonment, being sold into slavery, surviving shipwrecks, or thrown into boiling oil, being falsely accused and even imprisoned – God’s hand never lifted off the men and women who walked in His will. People like Joseph, Daniel, the apostle’s Paul and John, were just a few whose lives were marked with unprecedented favour and divine protection – in the midst of great adversity. Even though their circumstances differed, they all chose to walk uprightly before the Lord and sought only to do His perfect will.

Our lives will be marked by the same extraordinary favour when we choose to walk in His ways. God’s perfect will is His Word. And His Holy Spirit empowers us to follow after its principles. Today, yield to His work inside you and you will walk in the same supernatural provision, protection, and blessing, regardless of your circumstances or surroundings.