A Powerful Impact

We were saved by the grace of God and redeemed by His precious blood to make a powerful impact for the kingdom of God in this world!  As we surrender to His transforming power, we become more and more like Him! We begin to think like Him, speak in line with His Words, and act just like He does! The glorious, victorious image of the resurrected Jesus is the image we are changed into!  No matter how troublesome and hopeless the world around us seems – Jesus said that as He is NOW – so are we IN THIS WORLD!

If you want to know how you are going to make an earth-shaking impact in this world – take a look at WHO is inside, you!  Read everything the Word of God says our victorious Jesus is, and then realise this is the very image He is transforming you into! God’s presence in you is full of glory, and the fullness of joy!  It has a voice that only speaks faith, thanksgiving, and praise! This is what marked Jesus when He walked this life, and it’s what will mark us too! Let God live strong in and through you to mark this world for generations to come!