A Receptive Heart

Praise God! We have the privilege to live with a perspective that is above what happens around us. We have been called to live according to the perspective of God’s Word, which only sees through eyes of faith. Faith ALWAYS sees the answer! In order to have this victorious perspective we must have hearts that are conditioned to receive the Word of God in a way that causes it to produce faith inside us.

When we welcome God’s Word into our hearts, understanding it is alive with God’s own Spirit-life (2 Timothy 3:16), and has the power to transform everything about us – it will take root and produce fruit in our lives. Jesus instructs us not to be like those who simply “hear” the Word, and don’t follow through with obeying it. It won’t produce fruit in them, because they have no understanding of it. Or, they allow the worries and cares of the world around them to dominate, overwhelm, and choke the life of that seed. Just as a farmer sows seed that produces a harvest, the Word of God is ready to produce a harvest in your life.

As you allow His Word to take root in a pure and receptive heart – it will produce life, peace, favour and good success! Get ready to testify of the transformation God’s Word produces, when you have a receptive heart.