The authority over demonic spirits who currently rule over the world’s systems and those spiritual forces of wickedness that exist in the supernatural realm, has been given to every born-again believer who is living in Christ Jesus. It is the true possession of every child of God! Ephesians 1:3 tells us that in Christ, all spiritual blessings belong to us. While we know and understand that we are in Christ Jesus, and act upon that truth, we can operate in this authority over the devil in every arena in life. The Bible tells us that Jesus was manifest on this earth to destroy the work of the devil. He completely triumphed over him and stripped him of any weapon or means to harm us. He took the keys of death and hell from the devil and then, gave us the keys of the kingdom. In Matthew 18:18 Jesus explained that to operate in the authority He has given us – we must stand our ground and declare whatsoever things that are permissible in heaven to be evident here on earth. And whatsoever things are not permitted in heaven, we are to refuse existence here on earth. In heaven there is no pain, sickness, poverty, curse or defeat. As we face the work of the enemy here on earth, we are expected to stand strong in our God-given authority and enforce the devil’s defeat by declaring things to be as Jesus said they should be. No child of God should be dominated by the devil, when they know what belongs to them in Christ Jesus! John 8:32 says that we will know the truth and that truth will set us free! Knowing and acting on the truth that we have been given authority over all the works of the devil will set us free and keep us free from any attempt of his to dominate our lives. In Luke 10:19, Jesus declared we have been given authority over all the power of the enemy! It’s time to recognize you have that authority and to act on it, because the devil will run all over you if you don’t. He will do everything in his power to kill, steal, and destroy every good thing in your life until you stand your ground, and act on the authority that has been delegated to you. Stand your ground, resist the devil, and he will flee from you today!