Agents of Change

There are many things that can come from our mouths. The point is, every word has a consequence, whether idle or purposeful (Matthew 12:36; Matthew 18:21). Why does the Bible place such importance on our words? Because we get to determine the outcome of our circumstances by the words we choose to speak.

That’s why Jesus made a point of only speaking words that lined up with His Father’s Own words. Despite the persecution, threats, defamation of His character, unbelief and evil that was spewed on Jesus; He refused to react to any of it with words that were contrary to the heart and mind of God. This might seem a very tall order for us to follow; but when we realize we have been empowered to be agents of change through our words, despondency is replaced by determination!

Make a decision to spend time in the Word of God every day – it is essentially God’s thoughts and perspective. Then, when you are faced with an alarming or upsetting circumstance – if you refuse to react immediately, and hold your peace for a moment – the Holy Spirit will remind you of what God’s view point is, and the words you choose can speak in harmony with that truth. The result will be astounding! Life, peace and victory flow from words of truth that come from your mouth today.