An Un-Delusional Hope

When we run into trials and problems while serving God, and living wholeheartedly for Him, the Bible teaches us to not panic, but rejoice. Now, when your heart is troubled, you may wonder what on earth you have to rejoice in.

James 1:3-4 tells us the pressure we experience through the trials we face produces in us a quality of endurance and steadfastness and patience – where our faith in God and His Word is proven. And when we let those qualities have full play and do a thorough work in our lives, where nothing sways us from our trust in God, we become people who are perfectly and fully developed, lacking in nothing.

This kind of character produces an ability to remain joyful and confident and full of hope at all times. That’s because our hope is fixed on a God Who loves us and desires to pour His love, which never fails, into our hearts by His Holy Spirit. This love is perfect and casts out all fear. We can trust the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to see God in His Word, so we can fix our hope in Him so solidly that nothing can shake us from His love – and truth. This hope is not delusional and it never disappoints.