Ask, Listen, Receive

The Spirit of God speaks all the time! He is always ready to reveal God’s will to us, to enlighten our hearts to God’s wisdom, or comfort us with His love and truth. The Bible says that while Peter was pondering the vision, the Holy Spirit spoke to him. We will always receive the Holy Spirit’s input, while we are attentive to His voice. It’s no good to ask the Lord to speak to us while our minds wander on everything else but on Him and His word. We all want to receive His wisdom concerning our current and future plans, but spend very little time actually fellowshipping with Him to hear what He has to say.  We have the un-divided attention of the Spirit of God who creates and knows all things, anytime we need it. But at times, we lack the discipline and desire to actually sit still and listen.  God showed Peter a vision that left him complexed. But when he committed his thoughts and confusion to the Lord, he received the wisdom he needed to hear. When we find ourselves short of God’s wisdom, our responsibility is to turn to Him, to ask and to listen  – then He will speak!