Become Single-Minded

Did you know that your spirit-mind and your natural-mind are two separate entities inside you? Your spirit mind is the mind of Christ, and it dwells in your spirit-man (1 Corinthians 2:16).  Your physical or natural mind is situated in your physical brain. When these two minds are not in agreement with each other, the Bible calls us double minded. Now we know that minds can be changed, however, the only mind that is subject to change is the physical one.  Which is why the Bible teaches us to be transformed in the way we think, by renewing our physical minds to the Word of God. From the moment we become born again, this is what is expected of us. It’s our responsibility to expose and educate our physical minds to God’s mind concerning all things.  When our natural mind thinks the same way as our spirit mind, the Bible says we are single-minded.  Why is this so important? For one thing, while we are double-minded our prayers are powerless and ineffective (James 1:6-8). Being double-minded is essentially being in unbelief, and such a person receives nothing from the Lord.  In fact, double mindedness is the opposite of being expectant and full of faith.  So, it’s a state of mind that displeases the Lord.  After all that was accomplished for us so that we can not only be redeemed and made righteous, but become vessels wholly filled and flooded with God Himself – how can we not decide to become skillful in disciplining our physical minds to know God’s Word and become renewed to its truth? Choose to intentionally and habitually bring your physical mind into agreement with the mind of your spirit and you will see God’s power manifest in every area of your life!