Being Skilful with God’s Power

Only the power of God, His anointing, has the ability break every yoke of bondage over people’s lives and bring them into a place of wholeness, blessing and victory.  From the moment the Holy Spirit was released onto this earth – His power was released here too!  The Bible says He is omnipresent! That means everywhere you go on earth – the very atmosphere carries His resident power!  That power has the ability to make every impossible situation possible! The power to save, heal and deliver is just waiting for someone to activate their faith and direct that power to where it’s needed! What’s more, according to 1 John 2:27 the Holy Spirit and His anointing power is on the inside of the believer! When we recognise what we have on the inside of us, we can use our faith to direct the flow of that power and release it to do the works of God! The way we do this is to firstly live being aware that the power is present and waiting to be used.  Then, we believe what the Word says and use our words of faith to activate and direct that power to flow! It’s that simple!  Mark 16:17-18 says that signs and wonders will accompany those who believe! It even goes on to list some of those things we can expect the power to do! Cast out demons, pray in other tongues, take up deadly things and not be harmed by them, and lay hands on the sick and they will recover! Hallelujah! Today, believe in the power that is in and around you, be skilful in releasing your words of faith and directing that power to go to work – destroying the works of the devil and releasing the atmosphere of heaven and the good works of God wherever you go!