Blessed to be a Blessing

Have you ever found yourself being so overwhelmed by God’s favour and goodness towards you? Do you understand He uses His goodness and favour upon His children to display His generous nature to a world that’s riddled with lack? He is a promise keeper, and a rewarder to those who choose to believe in Him and diligently seek Him. He blesses us so we can extend that blessing and goodness to others.

So when He fulfils His promises concerning you, while you busy yourself with obeying Him wholeheartedly, remember His glory will be on display. It’s His goodness that will be spotlighted as you stand under the downpour of His favour, and have it overflow to bless others. The goodness of a covenant keeping God was extravagantly displayed in Abraham’s life and throughout his lineage for this purpose – to bless the nations of the earth.

Jesus made a way for us be part of that lineage of faith too, so we can also enjoy the benefits of the outworking of His blessing, to display His goodness and become a channel of blessing to others.