There exists a law that governs victory and produces goodness and favour in our lives. It’s called the law of the Spirit; the Bible calls it a law of life. This law is set in place for every born-again child of God. And it’s called a law for a very good reason. This law sets boundaries, keeping us enclosed in God’s divine protection and blessing, and out of the life marked by sickness, lack and death.

Two different lives are governed by two different, opposing laws. Even though we have been saved out of – and freed from – a life of slavery to sin and its consequences, we must make a moment by moment decision to live within the boundary that separates us from it. This means every thought, word, and action we take must be deliberately weighed and measured against the law of the Spirit. Ask yourself, does this thought, or this conversation, or what I’m doing resemble the life of the Spirit, or sin and death? If it’s the latter, it has no place in your life and will cause you to cross over the boundary into a life that leads to misery and death. But, if it’s the former, the consequences will be life-giving and victorious.

God’s Word is Spirit and life, and the Holy Spirit will always guide us to remain within that boundary line. He knows we cannot thrive outside of Jesus Christ. As we deliberately spend time with Him in the Word, yielding to its truth and work in our lives, we will remain governed by God’s Spirit and live!