Build and Be Alert

Once we have accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour, we need to grow in our faith in Him. We can’t just stay stagnant, we must move forward in our relationship with Him, or the enemy will steal away the little faith we have, preventing us from living a victorious life.

The men that worked with Nehemiah had a strong resolve to get the wall surrounding Jerusalem built. They were going to restore what the enemy had broken down, leaving their city defenceless and in ruins. But they didn’t build without being under the continuous threat of attack. They had real resistance to their mission, so they built and remained alert to defend their purpose at the same time.

There is constant resistance to us living in the fullness of God’s promises in this life. The devil is on an all-out attack to keep us from it. Without faith growing strong inside us, we won’t be able to deal with his attacks and inherit what God says is ours. To increase our faith, we must plant God’s Word in our hearts. It will build strong faith to resist the devil while we walk in every promise God has given us.