Choose the Spirit of Faith

There are two key spirits that are in operation on the earth today, the spirit of fear (linked to the devil) and the spirit of faith (linked to God). While we are here on earth one of these two will dominate our souls.  It’s vital for us to decide which one we will surrender to and operate in. The reality is that just as much as faith activates and releases the power of God, fear activates and releases the power of the devil in our lives. The Bible tells us God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. It’s important to know this because many of God’s children succumb to the spirit of fear because they don’t know how to resist it. Never forget that what we don’t actively resist will have the right to remain in our lives. The will of God for us is to resist the spirit of fear and embrace the spirit of faith at all costs.  As we allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten His Word to us, He will reveal its wisdom and release its peace and life to work inside us.  The Word of Faith we receive into our hearts gives rise to and releases the Spirit of faith within us, to dominate our lives and lead us into triumph! Today, choose to follow the Spirit of faith, resist fear, and live in the victory God has secured for you!