Come Up Here!

Jesus is always calling us up higher. There is no stagnation in the Kingdom of God. Where we are right now, in our spiritual understanding and level of experience, is not where we are going to stay. As we press deeper into knowing Him, He lifts our level of revelation of Who He is, up higher – as we grow and mature in the things of God. One of the greatest threats to our walk with God is becoming comfortable with our current position in the spirit.

Many Christians come to the place where they feel satisfied with what they know about Him and His ways, set up camp and move no further. This is the quickest way to become ineffective in the kingdom of God, and our passion and hunger for learning and experiencing more of Him grows cold. Serving and walking with God is dynamic in nature. We must always move to know Him more, as He takes us from faith to faith, glory to glory, strength to strength, and grace to grace. Faith is always on the move.

Today, yield to the Holy Ghost, as He stirs your heart to go after God more than ever before. It’s your hunger and thirst that leads you to enter greater depths and new levels in the things of God. Get into His Word more, spend more time in prayer with Him, expose yourself to the ministry of the Holy Spirit – and get ready to experience new things in Him!