Completely Yielded

When Ezekiel had his encounter with the Lord, he was called and commissioned for a specific purpose that was set out for him before the creation of the world. His awe at the glory of God made him fall, face down, on the ground and he heard a voice speaking to him. Even when the voice told him to stand up, he could not on his own. It took the Spirit of God empowering him to stand, and enable him to fully take in what God was saying, so he could obey it. When we recognise that we are not only called and commissioned by God for a specific purpose that was set out before the foundation of the world, we pay attention to every Word He speaks to our hearts and we read in His written Word. We also understand we are completely dependent on and  empowered by God’s Own Spirit to do what God requires.  It will take our daily surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain and continue to empower us to walk in faith and obey – doing mighty exploits for His kingdom. Yield to the Spirit of God today. Let this same disposition that was in Ezekiel be in you as you say, “I will obey God all the days of my life; I will do as He leads; and I will completely rely on His power as I do so.”