Consider This!

If you find yourself in a situation where the odds have been noticeably stacked against you, and discouragement comes crouching at the door of your heart, take a moment to consider Abraham’s predicament. He had a tremendous impossibility stacked up against him, but he also had a magnificent promise from a faithful God who never fails.

The victory for Abraham came when his faith didn’t weaken when he considered the odds that were against Him in comparison to who He considered His God to be. His eyes were more fixed on God and what He had personally shown him, and spoken into his heart, than the details of how it would all come to pass. Remember: the issues and challenges we face don’t negate the faithfulness of God, or the fact that He will keep His promises.

When doubt and despair come lurking, begin to praise and thank the Lord for His great love for you, and His goodness and faithfulness to see every promise become your reality! Before you realize it, those feelings of doubt and despair will be fleeing from you with their tails between their legs. God is so good – let this be what you consider!