Heavenly Perspective

Everything in life is about perspective. If someone got lost in a dense jungle, they would need to climb the tallest tree to see above and beyond the tree line, to get a clear sense of direction. Having a bird’s eye view can make the difference between life and death. In Christ Jesus, we have been given this very advantage.

When we become overwhelmed by the circumstances around us, and our reasoning becomes clouded with confusion, there is a secret place we can go to; wherein an instant we find ourselves in the throne room of God, seeing things from His perspective, in the safety of His Presence, way above all the distractions and confusion below. Being seated with Christ in heavenly places is a privilege we are meant to take advantage of in this life. It’s a place of safety and clarity from a victorious perspective.

Don’t see yourself from earth looking up, see yourself where God’s Word says you are – right beside Him, looking down, seeing clearly the end from the beginning! So get into His Presence, fill your heart and mind with His Word, and open your eyes to see things from His perspective