Develop Your Faith

We have all been given the measure of faith.  Our responsibility is to grow that faith, by hearing the Word of God.  As we expose ourselves to its truth, it becomes like a seed, attaching itself to the soil of our hearts. The more attention we pay that truth, the deeper its roots grow and we don’t just find ourselves agreeing with it, we actually believe it!

At this point, that seed of truth has grown into a sapling of faith. That sapling grows in exponential strength and speed each time we expose ourselves to the truth of God’s Word, no matter what scripture it is. Before long, we have a mighty oak of faith planted securely in the garden of our hearts! At this point we’ve far surpassed just believing the truth and speaking in line with it – now it’s become something we act on and live by! We begin to experience the fruit from that tree of faith in our hearts.

Where others around us are in chaos and fear, we have a peace that transcends all understanding. We instinctively know what to do when others do not, and our hearts are always full of confident joy. Did you know, the only opportunity to please God in this manner, and develop a garden full of faith in our hearts – is on this side of eternity. So, give yourself to the Word of God and develop your faith with all diligence!