Devoted to Him

God has called us to be completely devoted to Him. As children of God, a lukewarm attitude towards our relationship with Him is not an option. Paul placed great emphasis on encouraging Timothy to be devoted, specifically in the areas of reading, exhortation, teaching and instilling doctrine. He was basically telling Timothy that he could not neglect spending deliberate time in the Word of God – reading it, studying it, teaching it to reinforce its truth in the believers, and living it.

That’s because nothing feeds our spirits and strengthens us for the fight of faith like the Word does. We can never grow past the level of the Word that we have on the inside of us. It is the anchor for our souls, keeping our thoughts and emotions fixed and stable when we’re faced with challenges. It becomes our hope, fills us with undeniable peace and irrepressible joy, as it keeps us conscious of His favour and protection over our lives.

Today, make the decision to completely devote yourself to the reading of the Word of God. It will continue to move you from strength to strength, glory to glory and faith to faith.