Discernment Trumps Intellectual Knowledge

The natural, human way of development hinges very largely on the five senses; what we touch, taste, see, smell and hear. As we grow, through training and education, our beliefs and abilities become more influenced by the knowledge we acquire over time. However, as born-again children of God, we are called to a whole new way of growing.

Discernment becomes more valuable than intellectual knowledge. Since we are new creations in Christ Jesus, our spirits become the primary receptors of information gleaned from the unseen world – that in truth – governs the seen world. The Holy Spirit, Who lives in our spirits, becomes our teacher and leads us into all truth.  This is done when we rely on Him to reveal the truth of God’s Word to us.  Every principle in the Word is inspired by Him and is brought to life inside us when we receive it’s wisdom.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word washes over our minds, realigning our thoughts to God’s truth and perspective.  This becomes the essence of our vantage point!  We see everything through His eyes and wisdom.  So what we know and believe is influenced by what God’s Word says and confirmed by our inward witness of the Holy Spirit living inside us. Being continuously transformed to see and think like God gives us a far superior knowledge than that of our limited human understanding.  Cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit and grow in discernment above mere intellectual knowledge.