Divine Health
Jesus said He came so we can have abundant life. This includes divine health for our physical bodies and minds. The Bible also teaches us Jesus came to restore what the first Adam lost through sin. What does that mean?
Through Jesus, our spirits are once again created in the image of God – perfect and whole, full of the life and power of God – to bring healing and wholeness to our souls and physical bodies. If we choose to keep that power flowing in and through us, by keeping our minds and hearts full of God’s Word, and deliberately doing what it says to do, we will experience that abundant life. Divine health is our heritage in Christ and we have been given the keys to receive and sustain it!
Every time you digest the Word of God, you receive an injection of that divine life. But remember, this isn’t a mechanical process; it’s a living relationship we pursue with the Living Word of God, through the Holy Spirit. Decide to press into this relationship more and more, and you will experience a steady flow of God’s abundant life that leads to divine health!