Dominate Over Sin!

Many Christians don’t have a personal revelation of what their New Birth means.  They don’t have an understanding of what the finished work of the cross has done for them.  They believe in the forgiveness of sins, but they don’t understand remission of sins. What does that mean?  When we became born again our sins were not just forgiven, they were cancelled or blotted out.  According to God’s point of view – there is simply no trace of them left! No stain to remind Him of any wrongdoing! No handicap holding us back from living in the fullness of life and victory in Christ Jesus! While we only believe in the forgiveness of sin, and not the remission of it – we will remain in the position where the devil will dominate us for the rest of our lives. Why? Because we don’t recognise the full truth of what actually happened to us at our salvation. Not only were our sins and any remembrance of them destroyed; our nature to sin died too!  We have become a new creation, our new nature in Christ is the same as His Own nature! Just like Him, we love righteousness and hate wickedness. The Bible says we have literally become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! The moment we understand this is our new identity –  we immediately recognise which thoughts and speech are not in line with our new nature and bring them into line with God’s truth!  This is how we begin to dominate over sin, bringing every thought and motive into submission to God’s truth before we play into the devil’s hand. This is what living the life of victory looks like!