Don’t Ask Amiss

Make no mistake, God answers prayers! Jeremiah 33:3 says we can call on the Lord, and He promises to answer us. The Bible also teaches us there are prayers God doesn’t respond to. When our prayers don’t align with God’s Word, He won’t act on them.

Prayers based on incorrect motives fall short of receiving God’s approval. Then, there are prayers that are right in both these regards, but because the person praying is anxious and filled with worry, doubt, and fear – he is not asking in faith…This means he is asking from a wrong spirit, and as a result, he will not receive what he is asking for.

If you need the Lord to answer you today, come before Him confidently knowing He loves you; is interested in every detail concerning you; and is willing to move on your behalf. Only, come to Him with a clean heart, ask in faith, having your request based on His Word; and He will answer you.