Eternal Treasure

There is nothing compared to the joy of discovering a treasure you have been searching your whole life for. We were created with a need to be fulfilled by the One Who created us. Mankind has an inherent desire to be loved, to belong, and to be made complete by Love Himself. Before the foundation of the world, God predestined us to be in Him. That’s why this void can only be satisfied by intimately knowing Jesus Christ.

Like an intricate puzzle with the most important piece found only in the arms of Jesus, we are never complete without Him. When we abandon all else to know Him more, we spend eternity discovering the priceless treasure of Who He is in His Word, through His Holy Spirit.

Once we see Jesus as our most prized treasure, there’ll be no end to discovering His grace, forgiveness, rich wisdom, and life-giving truth. Trust Him to lead you on this journey of excavating supernatural treasure that produces Godly character in every sincere seeker.