Expect His Power

Paul and Barnabas were preaching the Gospel in the synagogues throughout Greece. The crowds grew as the people joyfully accepted the news of grace into their hearts.  The trouble came when the Jewish, religious leaders grew jealous of the crowds that were being drawn to hear the good news, so they stirred up great opposition against Paul and Barnabas. In response, Paul simply and boldly declared that God had sent them to tell the good news of salvation to the Jews first, but since they rejected it, they would turn to the Gentiles instead. When the Gentiles heard this news, they were ecstatic and received the Gospel with great joy! But once again, great opposition came from the unbelieving Jews. This time, instead of leaving town, Paul and Barnabas stayed longer, preaching boldly. The Lord confirmed their message by empowering them to do great signs and miracles. No matter the opposition to the truth about Jesus you tell those around you – when the Lord prompts you to stay – you can be confident He is with you, and will back you with His power! Never shrink back into silence when the Lord tells you to testify, instead, expect signs, wonders, and miracles to follow as you speak of His goodness each day!