Expectation for an Encounter

With today’s technology, we are able to easily access the Word of God being preached and taught on multiple platforms, at our convenience. One could argue that becoming so familiar with the luxury of having the truth at our disposal – could lead to us becoming desensitised to the power contained within the scriptures. Jesus said His Words are truth and life, and the book of Proverbs calls the scriptures wisdom for life – with the power to heal our bodies!

So, what is the determining factor to receive all we need from the Word of God we hear? It has everything to do with our hunger and expectation to receive. Mark 4:23-24 tells us that our attitude towards the truth we hear is what determines the results it produces. When Peter was sharing on the power of Jesus’ earthly ministry, he reminded the people that salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are available for whoever believes! This truth caused faith and an expectation to receive to be stirred up within their hearts; and the Holy Spirit, the custodian of God’s power, fell upon them.

When we value the Word and expect to encounter God through receiving its truth into our hearts – He will manifest Himself in our lives. Today, encounter the Person of Jesus as you expect Him to fulfill exactly what He has promised.