Extraordinary Miracles
A miracle is something that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. That’s because it’s supernatural…Above the natural! So, when the Bible mentions God performing “extraordinary miracles” through the hands of Paul, we can expect them to be really something! This is where the natural simply steps out of the way of the supernatural.
In the case of Paul, the Bible says God, the originator of the power, kept releasing its flow to perform these extraordinary miracles – without any interference or interruption.
Nothing could place some kind of delay or limit on the flow of that power. In the very same way electricity freely flows through a circuit as long as there is no “break” in the flow, God will keep releasing a flow of power for extraordinary miracles, through the hands of believers whose hearts are connected to His.
Paul was merely acting as a conduit, an available and willing instrument in the hands of a supernatural God. As long as we keep our eyes firmly fixed upon Jesus – the Author and Perfecter of our faith – extraordinary signs, wonders and miracles will naturally flow through our hands. Seek Him first, dwell in the secret place, and make yourself available to be used of Him this way.