Failure is Not an Option

It’s vital for every believer to recognize two impossibilities for God. Firstly, it’s impossible for God to change (Malachi 3:6), and secondly, it’s impossible for Him to fail (Isaiah 42:4). Glory to God! What a mighty confidence we have in knowing these truths. When these attributes of God become implanted and rooted in our hearts, a strong foundation is set for us to build a life of unwavering faith upon.

Our God is completely trustworthy, He doesn’t play around with our emotions. He says what He means and He means what He says! Every principle and precept in His Word was written for our good; and every promise for our benefit.  Psalms 130:5 says, “This is why I wait upon You, expecting Your breakthrough, for your word brings me hope.” God is raising a people who live in this hope! They have His heart and display His power because they understand He is in them and failure is not an option!

We will always be successful in carrying out His purpose in us because we have learned to trust and depend on Him, recognise His leading and with confidence we willingly obey! That’s why failure is not an option.