Faith is Activated by Love

Our birthright in Christ is prosperity which can only be made possible through our Faith in God’s Word. Faith is standing on the integrity of God’s Word; believing when we do what it says, He is fully committed to performing what He has promised us.

What’s important to understand is that God doesn’t see this as just binding legality. He actually delights and takes pleasure in seeing His children prosper. Being confident in the generous, loving nature of God and knowing the joy it brings Him when we’re blessed, fuels our faith to trust and obey His Word. God is a relational God.

His principles are rock solid, but the faith to see them bring results in our lives is activated by love. Being in love with the nature and character of God unlocks the power to trust and obey Him. Make falling in love with who God is your priority; then your faith will work and cause you to experience the reality of all His promises.