Faith Moves Forward

The word decrees that the just SHALL live by faith, it doesn’t say the just can choose whether to live by faith or not. It’s this truth that empowers and positions every single believer for a life of God’s absolute fullness to become their manifest reality. 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. We must determine to only believe what the Word of God says about our health, finances, relationships and wellbeing. Then, we are to adjust our perspective, speech, and actions to align with that truth – refusing to be discouraged or distracted by what we see happening around us, especially when it’s contrary to what God has promised.

Remember, faith is active – it must have action to make it authentic (James 2:17). So even when you don’t feel like what God has promised you are, start acting like it – by faith! There must always be an appropriate, corresponding action accompanying the faith you are confessing! If you believe for a financial breakthrough, take a financial seed, no matter the size, and sow it into God’s kingdom.

Don’t wait until you see a change in your finances to then begin sowing – you’ll probably never see that change! That’s because faith that brings results must have something to act upon; your obedience to the word is that something! So stop drawing back into despondency; push forward and act in faith today!