Faith over fear

Matthew 14:28 gives us a powerful account of Jesus and Peter walking on water. Peter’s time of defying gravity, however, was short-lived. As soon as he became more conscious of the boisterous wind and waves that were raging around him, than His trust in Jesus, he became fearful and started to sink. The Christian life is a call to ‘walk on the water’. This means it’s a supernatural life of endless possibilities that will more than likely challenge natural limitations. As believers, at times, we step out of our comfort zone in faith, and when the first sign of a storm or opposition presents itself, the wind is knocked right out of our sails. Too easily we resort to fear instead of remaining steadfast in faith. Faith and fear cannot flow out of our heart simultaneously. That’s because fear nullifies our faith, making it inoperable. The enemy will always attempt to prevent us taking a step of faith in life. But when we keep our focus on the Lord and His Words remain the overwhelming truth in our hearts, faith rises, enabling us to refuse the distraction of fear. Instead, the supernatural power of God interrupts our circumstances making the impossible possible!