Faithful God

Throughout scripture we read of the faithfulness of God to honour His Word. He doesn’t just keep His promises concerning us; He steadfastly remains true to what His Word says about His character. Our human nature is fickle. One day we can be full of faith and joy, demonstrating kindness and goodness to others; and the next we can be affected by the pressure of our circumstances and walk around as though the weight of the world is on our shoulders.

Praise God we have a Heavenly Father Who remains constant! His compassion never fails, His mercy is new every morning, His faithfulness never ends, and He is good all the time! Wait; there’s more… The Bible says the moment we surrendered our lives to Jesus, His Holy Spirit recreated our spirits to be just like Him!

As we deliberately spend time in His Presence and in His Word, that good, faithful nature begins to dominate our human nature, and a glorious transformation takes place. The more we become aware of this truth; we will walk in its reality. Everywhere we go people will see the consistent, faithful character of God shine through us.