Fear Not

The nature of a trap is to ensnare and keep an object bound. This is what the fear of man will do. As children of God, we are called to live a life of faith, where there is only progression and increase in knowing Him and living out His divine purpose for our lives. He has equipped us with His presence and power to live out what is impossible in the natural. He has given us the mind of Christ – to think renewed, creative, faith filled thoughts that are His own! And He has given us a constant, full measure of His supernatural love that conquers all and never fails!

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom – it opens up for us a life of divine protection and provision, while we carry out His purpose. The moment we begin to listen to the opinions of people who don’t live in this revelation – we enter dangerous territory.  That’s because their perspective will always be bound to the limitations of a natural reality that prevents them from experiencing the supernatural.

We were never created to live subject to circumstances that are always subject to change, or spiritually short-sighted opinions that will keep us from living out God’s purpose for us.  So put an end to fearing man, and live to please God!