Fire-lighter for Revival

Revival is God’s spirit moving deeply in the hearts and minds of men, refreshing and rekindling the awareness of His Presence within them for the advancement of His Kingdom.  Once it breaks out, it spreads like wildfire and marks whole regions for God!  The great revivals and spiritual awakenings in the past are remembered for the way they radically impacted society in whole nations!  People, in their masses, turned their hearts to God with such earnest passion that their lifestyles dramatically changed, influencing their families, communities and cities. In every case, this spiritual inferno began with a single heart hungry for and surrendered to the Spirit of God.  God’s gift to us is the outpouring of His Precious Holy Spirit. Jesus paid the price for us to be able to receive Him in full measure in our lives. The Bible says we are able to be bodies wholly filled and flooded with the richest measure of His personality and power when we choose to acknowledge and respond to Him. Recognize God’s Holy Spirit has already been poured out on us. He already dwells in the fullness of His power and love inside us. Begin to burn with a hunger and passion for more! The more we burn, the more the fire within us grows until it starts to jump onto those around us – infecting them with that hunger and passion too.  Before long, whole communities are alight with the fire of revival – burning bright on all who stand in its wake!  Awake to God’s Presence inside you and become the fire-lighter for revival today!