Fully Committed

There is no one more committed to seeing you overcome in this life than Jesus. What do you think He had His mindset on when He faced that cross? What caused Him to endure the humiliation, the rejection, and the horror of it all? The Bible says He had you and me on His mind. He knew that going “all in” was exactly what was needed to have us spend an eternity with Him.

What’s more, He was so filled with joy over what His sacrifice would provide it’s what kept Him moving forward, one excruciating step at a time. His joy was fulfilling the will of His Father so we could be made free from sin, its effects and eternal consequence; and be reconciled to God.

Everything Jesus has done for us, from the moment He gave up His position in heaven has been motivated by His indescribable love for us. Even now He constantly intercedes for us. Doesn’t this kind of love and never-ending devotion deserve us giving our all? Come to Him today in the sweet surrender that accepts the blessing of belonging to the One who is fully committed to you.