Furnished for Every Good Work

Living by faith is a choice. It’s where we decide to depend completely upon the Lord, standing strong and courageous in Him and the promises of His Word. There is nothing haphazard about this approach, rather it is laser-focused and passionately intentional. When we choose this attitude, we deliberately oppose the spirit of fear and operate in a sound mind that’s rooted in the truth of God’s word.

The love of God floods our hearts and minds giving us undeniable confidence in Him and His faithfulness towards us; which releases His power to flow in and through us – as we think, speak, and act from the conviction of our spirits! It’s in His presence where we are supernaturally refreshed and empowered by His Spirit, and where our spirits are built up and nourished by the truth of His Word.

As we learn to intentionally depend more and more on the Lord, we will find His righteousness, peace and joy dominate our lives, and overwhelming victory is assured. Enjoy meeting Him in the secret place and learn to abide in Him continuously – this is how we become furnished for every good work He has already planned for us to accomplish.