Gifted on Purpose

When the Spirit of God took up residence in you, He equipped you with everything you need to serve His kingdom interests with excellence! That’s right – inside you are all the necessary skills and qualities needed to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

The devil thrives on encouraging our insecurities to become more prevalent than the work of the Holy Spirit within us. He wants us to feel insignificant and inferior, to believe we have nothing special to offer – which couldn’t be further from the truth! The Holy Spirit has gifted each and every believer for His purpose! Draw near to the Lord today; receive the truth from His Word that says you are here on purpose – to be a significant part of His kingdom agenda! You are gifted with something special and unique to touch this world and make a real difference.

The more time you spend serving in your church and local community, the more evident that gift will become. It will flow naturally from you, bringing you joy and blessing those around you! That’s because you are gifted on purpose – for His purpose!