Give No Place to the Devil

The Bible warns us that we have an enemy, the devil, who constantly seeks to destroy us (1 Peter 5:8).  He sets traps for us and lies in wait, carefully observing us to see where we are vulnerable to his tactics.  While it’s true his threat is real and there is always going to be opposition to us walking out God’s perfect will for our lives, we must never be more impressed by our enemy than the One who defeated him and gave us the power and authority to overcome him. The Greater One lives inside us and always leads us in triumph! So, while we are aware of the devil’s cunning ways, we must be vigilant to never give him any place in our lives.  The way we do this is by increasing our time and attention to the Word of God and prayer.  This doesn’t mean we are choosing to be ignorant of the devil, on the contrary, it means we are fortifying ourselves in the reality of our victory over him. The Word reveals the devil’s tactics to us, so we are able to identify and be aware of them, and to resist and escape them. For the Believer, the enemy’s battleground exists in our thought-life.  Any thoughts that carry worry, doubt, fear, jealousy or strife is a clear indication that the enemy is trying to insert his agenda in our lives.  When we entertain those thoughts, we take the bait and give him proof that we have taken it through what we say.  When our conversations and emotions take on the nature of those troubling thoughts, the devil immediately knows where we are weak and will persist in attacking our minds with them until we become overwhelmed and act on them.  However, when we have been spending time with the Holy Spirit in the Word, we will not just recognize those wrong thoughts, we will know exactly how to respond to them by speaking words of the opposite spirit! The spirit of faith! Hallelujah! When words of faith are our response, the devil’s tactic is rendered powerless!  Just as those words of faith create the path for the blessing of God in our lives, they also destroy the path the devil tries to use to defeat us on.  Decide to keep alert to your enemy’s tactics so you give no place to the devil today!