Give Thanks!

Mark 6:41 (NLT): “Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven, and blessed them. Then, breaking the loaves into pieces, He kept giving the bread to the disciples so they could distribute it to the people. He also divided the fish for everyone to share.”


The Kingdom of God consists of resources that never run out! As heirs of God, we have access to the abundance of Heaven when we heed the principles that have been intentionally laid out in the Bible concerning His provision. Jesus performed the miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish after first acknowledging His Father, and giving thanks to Him. He made it abundantly clear that He trusted God as the source of the meal in His hand, and the miracle that was in the making. When we place our Faith in God and act as good stewards of the blessing that’s already at our disposal, He is faithful to multiply it to ensure our needs are met according to His riches in Glory. That miraculous provision is not for us alone, but a source of blessing to others, to demonstrate the good and generous nature of our God. Always have Faith in God’s ability to be your source and provider.