God Desires Mercy

When someone wrongs you or someone you care for, do you pray the Lord will expose their sin and punish them for what they did? Then do you get upset and wonder why He doesn’t do that? It’s because of His mercy.

God longs to pardon, not punish. Think about His heart towards us who fall short of His glory; He doesn’t just forgive, He moves to heal and restore and change our lives for the better. The more we understand and embrace God’s unconditional love and mercy towards us; we see His loving, merciful heart towards others, especially those who have hurt us. When this happens we don’t just forgive them, we pray for them, instead of against them.

We can go to the Lord for mercy for them and join forces with Jesus – interceding on their behalf. We throw the forces of darkness into confusion when we choose mercy and go against the devil’s destructive plan for those who wrong us. This is how we represent the true nature of Jesus accurately. When we desire mercy for others because God desires mercy for us!