God is For You

There are many misconceptions about God in the world today. Some people think He’s angry and keeps a list of all our wrongs. They believe He punishes us with sickness and calamity. Then there are those who say God is indifferent to us, and pays no attention to how we conduct our lives here on earth.

There is only one sure source of truth concerning who God is and His view of humanity. That is His Word. It says before the foundation of this world He knew us and loved us. It says He gave His only begotten Son to leave His position of royalty and privilege in Heaven to live among us and demonstrate to us who His Father really is…A God who is loving, compassionate, forgiving, patient and good. He does care about us and doesn’t treat us as we deserve.

Jesus gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins so we can know what it is to be forgiven and redeemed. He rose again so His Own Spirit could live within us – in an inseparable relationship where we will never be alone. He empowers us with His love, guides us with His peace, and strengthens us with His joy – every day of our lives. And no matter what we face, He always provides a way to overcome. So stop listening to the opinions of people who don’t know God. Instead, find out all there is to know about Him by finding Him in His Word.