God Rewards Diligence

Many believers set their minds to walk closer to the Lord. They have great intentions to spend  valuable time in prayer and in His Word, only to give up when they become distracted with other things. The truth is, God promises a great reward for those who choose to remain completely committed to their promise to diligently seek Him and His will for their every day lives.  In the Greek translation of this verse in Hebrews, the phrase diligently seek, means to zealously seek for something with all your heart. It takes commitment and diligence to achieve anything worthwhile, and a pursuit to know God more is certainly that! If you’re battling to keep your commitment to spending daily, quality time with the Lord in His Word – ask the Holy Spirit to renew your hunger and passion to do so! Philippians 2:13 says the Holy Spirit will energise us, and create in us the power and desire both to will and to work for His good pleasure! He will reward your efforts by revealing glorious things about the Lord you would never experience outside of your diligent pursuit to know Him more.