Godly Honour

In this world, we are led to believe our worth is measured by the success of our achievements. People are honoured for their ruthless pursuit of building their wealth and gaining social status.

In the kingdom of God, we honour and respect each other for who we are in Christ Jesus. The Bible says God’s measure of worth and success is not based on what we have done, but whether it was done in Him. Worldly honour is based on independent, self-made achievements. But Godly honour comes as a result of what is done through a complete surrender to the Presence of God in our lives – where everything about us and from us stems from His character and will that’s formed in us. This is only achieved from a relationship cultivated in the secret place with Him.

It is completely up to us to grow closer in our relationship with the Lord so we begin to live out from what we receive in God’s Presence. On a daily basis what we say and do, and build for His kingdom, must depict God’s heart and will. Once we establish this connection between us and the Father, we’ll find it easy to recognise Him in others too, and enjoy honouring them for the character of Jesus that’s reflected in them.