God’s Language

Did you know God has a special language? It’s the only one He speaks and responds to. It’s called the language of faith! He created the heavens and earth out of nothing by speaking them into being. As His children, we are told to use the same creative language too. When we are bombarded with challenges and negativity on a daily basis through media outlets, or concerned people around us, it’s easy to change our language to sound just like the world’s.

If we don’t pay attention, we start to think just like what we are hearing, and doubt and fear begin to undermine every sentence. That’s why Paul, in Romans 12:2, insists we continuously renew our minds to think like God, so our words sound like God speaks – the language of faith! This means deliberately filling our thoughts with God’s Word every day.

When we meditate on what it says, we begin to believe it with our hearts and our words become filled with faith. Those faith-filled words have God’s creative power all over them! They are able to change whatever you are facing to come into line with what God has promised in His Word. Remember, God’s Words of faith created the universe from nothing. Train yourself to speak His language, and even the ‘impossible’ will become your reality.