Grow, Produce, Flourish

A gardener never takes the time and care to plant something without expecting that plant to grow and flourish. In his mind, he already envisions the seedling taking root in the freshly prepared soil, blossoming to full bloom to produce what it’s intended to produce. The Word of God speaks of us being firmly planted and rooted in Christ Jesus to grow, flourish, and produce in every area of our lives. Just as a plant requires certain elements to thrive, we do too. The gardener strategically places the seedling in the perfect position to receive the optimum sunlight and water.

Just the same, we have the written Word of God to know His heart, His thoughts and His will. We have His Spirit living in us to comfort, teach, and lead us into truth. And we have the privilege of communicating face to face with the Father in prayer. Now, as a plant develops deep roots into the soil, it’s not easily torn out by a sudden wind or storm.

Just the same, when we keep our minds renewed to the truth of God’s Word, it will anchor us in His perfect will for our lives. Take every opportunity to spend time with the Lord, meditating on His Word. This is how we produce evidence that He is intentionally at work in our lives.