Guaranteed Victory

Jesus told us we can overcome all things because we are in Him (John 16:33). When challenges threaten to overwhelm us, we don’t have to expect defeat. With the Spirit of the Living God residing in us, we have all we need to navigate through every difficulty with exact precision, leading to a glorious outcome each time.

What sets us up for this guaranteed victory is our attitude towards challenges, even before they present themselves. If we are convinced that we have already overcome before the battle even begins, success is ours. We can be sure of this because God’s Word promises that since He is in us, we will not fail. You see, when we determine to keep our hearts filled with the fresh empowering grace of the Holy Spirit, and our minds rooted in the wisdom of the Word, we are armed and ready for victory.

When trouble comes, we can call on the Lord to fill our minds with His practical wisdom and infuse us with His dynamic, inner strength. This is the remarkable partnership we have with the Holy Spirit. Stay in tune with His voice, and be quick to trust and obey His leading. Then victory will always be yours!