Have God’s Word Shine Brightly in You

We live in days where people everywhere are wondering if this world has spun completely out of control. The truth is, it is perfectly falling into place with Biblical prophecy, just as God foretold it would. The Apostle Peter warned that false teachers would bring false doctrines into the church as a whole – deceiving themselves and many others. They have subtly and stealthily introduced destructive heresies and immoral ways into the church. Things that the Word of God has clearly taught to be an abomination before Him. For them, the Bible says they have laid up for themselves destruction. There has been a great falling away of the church, people who once lived fervently for the Lord have grown cold in their love and devotion for Him. They have allowed themselves to be caught up in the things of the word and have lost all reverence and holy respect for the Word of God and it’s priceless, ageless truth. Today, the world knows something is up and are looking for answers – but the sleeping church will have nothing to give them. However, those who are called the righteous, and have kept their love for God burning strong. Those who have treasured His Word as their necessity and final authority of their lives will have all the answers the world needs answered. That is because every answer exists in the Living Word of God – both the written and the Person of Jesus Christ, Who is the Word. There is a great urgency for every born-again believer to study and meditate on the truth of God’s Word – it will be the only true voice and moral compass in the days that lie ahead. It has already become a light that shines in darkness showing all men what is right and true and leads to peace and life.  And as we allow it to grow in our hearts – its brightness will increase until we see the full image of Jesus, the Morning Star, reflected in us. The day is soon approaching where Jesus will take His bride from this world, and darkness will reign on the earth and all hope will be lost for those remaining. So waste no time to have God’s Word do its work in you so it can shine brightly for many – showing them the way to Jesus, before it’s too late.